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I'm sorry by Slaskia I'm sorry by Slaskia

Meda panted as she watched the man before her struggled weakly, a spray of blood squirting out of a gaping wound in his throat.  A wound she put there herself with her own fangs after learning just how many he had hurt and killed.  Normally she didn’t kill her targets, but he was a rare exception, especially in regards to the method she used.  Those that preyed on children deserved no mercy, no second chances.   

Worse, this man had been in a position of authority, a member of the 7th legion civic police.  This explained why he was able to get away with it for so long: he would have known how to conceal his crimes.  He won’t be hurting any more children…, she thought, though she regretted she was too late to save his latest victim. 

“Thysa!”  an unexpected voice said, drawing her attention from the now dead pedophile.  Beside the body of the little girl she failed to save, was a little boy, about the same age.  “Thysa!” the boy cried again, shaking the body.  “Wake up…please wake up!” 

She remembered now, now that the fog of rage was gone.  The man was about to kill this boy when she came in, likely because he didn’t want any witnesses.  How much of the crime had he seen?  The very thought of the poor thing being forced to watch that monster have his way with the other child…. 

“I’m sorry, little one,” she said softly, unable to say anything else at that moment. 

The boy’s head snapped up toward her, bright eyes widening in horror at her.  At first she thought it was the fangs, but then she glanced at the broken mirror and saw the real reason.  Her face and the front of her attire was covered in blood spatter, so with the sleeves of her robe, she wiped off as much of the blood off her face as possible.  All the while, the boy watched her carefully, looking uncertain and was no doubt still in shock. 

“Who are you?” he asked backing away from her as she approached, removing the robe as she did so. 

“An honest citizen that does what she can to stop scum like him,” she said nodding toward the corpse behind her. 

“C-can you help my sister?  She won’t wake up….” 

Meda knew it was pointless, but she knelt down and felt for a pulse anyway.  “I am afraid she has become one with the spirits of the world,” she replied, taking her robe and draping it over the body. 

“No…no, no…” the boy sobbed.  “She can’t be gone…she’s all I have….” 

“You don’t have a family to go home to?” Meda asked. 

“No…we’re orphans.” 

That matches all the other victims I saw in that bastard’s blood, Meda thought.  He had gone after the ones least likely to be noticed missing:  the homeless and orphaned.  It was going to be tricky giving police the location of all the bodies, let alone breaking it to them that one of their own was responsible for the crimes. 

“Now I’m going to be alone….” the boy continued.  “The other kids already didn’t like us because we’re outsiders…I…I….”  He brought up his arms to his chest, his hands balling into fists as he was on the verge of a full meltdown. 

Meda’s heart was breaking hearing and watching this.  She reached out to him with both hands, offering the embrace he badly needed but didn’t want to force him into.  He hesitated for a moment before finally walking into her arms and she hugged him.  “I’m sorry…,” she said softly.  “I’m so sorry…you shouldn’t be alone…I should have been faster….” 

She found herself repeating that over and over again.  To both the boy and herself.


Hopefully the image isn't too dark.  If it is, I can lighten it a bit.  There IS blood, but it's so hard to see that I didn't bother with the mature warning tag.  But yeah, finally finished this thing.  Props to my bro Kalshion for making a reference of the room in Blender.  There's probably still issues with proportions and stuff...but I am quite happy with this.

Anyway, my vakar character Meda Miroris saves and comforts then child Dakarus Kroisun, some years before Dakarus becomes a vakar himself.

Xanthur34 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Ahh, this turned out really well! The color scheme adds so much more emotion after the test pics from earlier. She shading and lighting looks good, REALLY good, especially on little Dakarus. The stuff strewn about the floor adds a lot too, and I see you opted for a dull stain over a blood splatter on the wall. Not a bad call honestly. 

The best part though is that you nailed the emotion you were going for. It's solemn and sorrowful and dark. Your description paints that image all too well also. 
Slaskia Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks.  Unfortunately, I noticed after I finished that I majorly screwed up on the sizes on of the two bodies in comparison to Meda/Dakarus.  Ugh....I hate perspective....
Xanthur34 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Well, I do notice a bit now you mention it, but I'd only say that for Thysa on the right. The criminal could be a little farther away, so his size could be close to correct
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