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I mentioned in a previous journal that I was having a hard time reading this novel.  Not because of the writing style or subject, but because of my waning interesting in the Haloverse.  Well, I finally finished it, and it wasn't bad, though one thing nags at me regarding the Ussan's.

Their colony started with just 400 people, which expanded to over 3k by the time of the Schism.  It was stated plainly that no one came in or out (save out of an airlock without a pressure suit) and outsiders were killed or imprisoned (if I remember right).  They also had problems with a disease called the 'Blood Sickness', which eventually drove the afflicted mad.  My first thought when reading about this was 'most likely has to do with inbreeding that had to be going on by now, maybe even some radiation poisoning'.  Nope.  It was the protein synthizers, which had been contaminated with a fungus (again, if I remember correctly).  While it was stated that some where more susceptible than other's, I can't help thinking the inbreeding would have caused more problems than it did.  Then again, we don't know how many eggs Sangheili lay at a time, which would have been a factor in how quickly inbreeding started.

That said, I am curious on what will happen to the Ussan's now.  They have a major advantage over the other Sangheili in that they never lost (completely) the non-combat related skills the Covenant Sangheili largely shunned.  Their knowledge would be a tremendous help to getting the Sangheili as a whole back to be self-reliant.  That is...if they don't get slaughtered by the Sangheili that would think them heretics...or ONI (I can see them thinking the Ussan's as a threat to their 'grand plan' for the Sangheili).
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*turns off the capslock for him*  I know about it, but only lightly keeping an eye on it atm as my interest in Halo is kind of low.
ARVEN92 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch :)
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You're welcome.  I love your comics.  When I stopped seeing updates via the animalcomics group I got worried....
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My, thanks again, I'm honoured you do^^
Yeah, sadly, animalcomics seemed to have become quite inactive, as it no longer accepted submissions for a while D8
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Yeah, the lack of updates from there makes it hard to keep up with the comics I like.  At least now I won't miss an update from yours. :)
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The way you do your sangheili is fantastic! Do you do all of your works on the computer???
Slaskia Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
atm, yes.  I may at some point, go back to traditional, but who knows when that will be.
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thank you so much for the watch!! :la:
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