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Closer and Closer WIP model by Slaskia Closer and Closer WIP model :iconslaskia:Slaskia 4 0 More polished WIP model by Slaskia More polished WIP model :iconslaskia:Slaskia 2 0 Very WIP 3d Model by Slaskia Very WIP 3d Model :iconslaskia:Slaskia 5 8
Facets - Chap 8
Dakar took a light nap to pass the time, rising when it was announced that breakfast was available in the cafeterias over a speaker. Instead of the cafeterias, he beelined for Pod B, hoping to catch Siagna before she got lost in the masses of hungry turians.  Having not seen her, or her child, among the throng as he approached, he went into Room 10.  There, he spotted her just inside, fiddling with her daughter’s clothing. 
“Just how did you get your top so twisted last night?” the mother was saying. 
“Mom!  You know I’m an active sleeper!” the little girl said, squirming a bit. 
“I’ll say…I got bruises from all the times you kicked me last night,” she muttered.  “I hardly got any sleep….” 
“Mom.”  Ousa was looking aright at him.  “The funny face man is here.” 
“Who?”  Siagna turned around and faced him, her eyes w
:iconslaskia:Slaskia 1 1
Facets - Chap 7
Dakar watched, his body now tense, as the woman walked up to him and grabbed him by his shirt.  She then growled something at him in a low voice.  “I’m sorry,” Dakar commented smugly.  “But I do not understand you on account that I lack a translator.”  Not that I give a shit about what you have to say. 
The asari blinked a few times in shock, releasing him and stepping back a pace.  She then activated her omni-tool and activated a program.  “How about now?” she said after a moment, her tool now acting as a translator. 
“Yes, though I never cared much for the ‘synthesized’ accent,” Dakar quipped. 
“Well I don’t care what you like,” she hissed. 
“Feeling’s mutual,” Dakar growled back. 
The woman glared at him for a moment.  “Do you realize you just interfered with spectre business?” 
“Like I care ab
:iconslaskia:Slaskia 2 2
Facets - Chap 6
It was night. 
Dakar’s eyes snapped open.  The room’s lights were dimmed to allow for sleeping, but it was not so dark that no one could see where they were going.  The other occupants of the room were mostly quiet, soft murmurs of conversation here and there as people settled down for the night.  A couple were already snoring away. 
He stretched a moment before sitting up on his cot, blinking away the last of the sleepiness.  Within him he could feel the sense of completion, wholeness, the night brought.  The time when vakar had access to their full capabilities.  This was his time and he felt eager to roam this place to do his duty. 
In the back of his mind, a sense of caution emerged.  It reminded him that he was in unfamiliar territory, far from his kin.  He would not have the safety of his Sanctuary when daylight returned, thus doing anything to piss off the masses as a whole would put him in unnecess
:iconslaskia:Slaskia 2 3
Practice - Chelos by Slaskia Practice - Chelos :iconslaskia:Slaskia 7 6
Facets - Chap 5
Dakar started with cases he knew would be more public, to help sell his ‘credibility’ as an informant.  The Inquisitor made predictable nods of acknowledgement as he listened, while tapping things into a datapad. 
When Dakar started mentioning details the public didn’t know, Teneus became visibly more interested: leaning forward and looking directly at him for longer periods.
He only paused when the med-tech arrived to do his DNA thing.  Teneus seemed annoyed when the tech told him it would be another half-hour to get the results.  His annoyance returned to interest after the tech left and Dakar resumed his intel spill.  However, the man’s expression of interest soon turned into confusion, even suspicion, when Dakar started talking about things a bit closer to home for him.
“…Meddros has been giving bribes to someone named Theren Lithius, to keep the HBI off his weapon--”
“Just how do you know about that!?&
:iconslaskia:Slaskia 2 3
Practice turian by Slaskia Practice turian :iconslaskia:Slaskia 8 6
Facets - Chap 4
A few hours later…
Dakar was rudely awakened by sensation of being poked roughly in the side repeatedly. 
What? he thought, groggily as he opened his eyes.  His mind got a little jump start when he realized that he did not recognize his surroundings.  
Instead of laying on a bed, he was sitting in a chair, a simple square table in front of him.  The walls around him where jet black and there was a single bright light shining down in the center.  Oh…a classic interrogation room:  how cliché can you get? 
“I love the look of confusion scum like you get when we get to do this.” 
Dakar directed his eyes forward in time to see a male turian step into the light.  He was an older man, easily in his fifties.  His grey carapace bore no colony markings, which meant he was either Palaven born or chose to not honor his colony of birth.  The attire he work was jet black, which nearly
:iconslaskia:Slaskia 1 2
Facets - Chap 3
The lines shuffled along, inching slowly toward whatever was at the end.  So tired…, Dakar thought, yawning.  Can’t they hurry this up?  Whatever it is….  He needed something to distract him, soon, else he feared he may just topple over and fall asleep right there.  Which would be rather embarrassing and he didn’t particularly want to find out how the guards would handle such a situation. 
He started to hear voices up ahead, though he couldn’t make out what was being said.  Craning his neck to try to see, he saw that the tunnel widened again, then split off into two different directions.  Closest to him was fairly large tunnel, with two armed guards at the entrance.  People at the end of the lines were peeling off and heading down this tunnel.  Guess that’s where I’ll be heading next, he thought.  As for the other passage, he couldn’t see it clearly due to being o
:iconslaskia:Slaskia 1 1
Facets - Chap 2
Safe Camp C Entrance
Well…I wasn’t expecting this, Dakar thought as he stared at the access tunnel in front of him.  I knew safe camps are incorporated into city design, but I wasn’t thinking it would be underground!   
“Get moving!” 
Dakar felt someone roughly shove him in the back:  sounded like the same female that told him not to expect any ‘special treatment’.  In such a hurry to go terrorize more innocents, eh? He thought bitterly, looking back briefly to confirm his suspicion before joining the rest of small throng heading into the tunnel.   
The tunnel was wide enough for eight turians to walk abreast and about twenty feet tall, however, they were only allowed to walk within the center, about four abreast wide.  On either side was a simple rope fence, nothing fancy or strong enough to really keep anyone in: Dakar suspected it was more for controlli
:iconslaskia:Slaskia 3 1
Facets - Chap 1
2168 CE
Apparitus, Digeris
The man’s semi-conscious body slipped from his grasp as he released him, landing with a soft thud on the alley floor.  Dakar took a deep breath and sighed, grateful that this long chase was over and his hunger finally sated.  Unfortunately, with the first rays of the morning sun peeking over the horizon, it was too late for him to travel back home using his powers.  He could already feel his access to his shadow powers disappearing:  to try to shadowwalk now would be suicidal. 
Roughly an hour to walk back, Dakar mentally calculated.  Ugh…I don’t think I can handle that trek.  Why the hell did this bastard have to run so hard?  It’s not like he did a crime worthy of death. 
Thankfully, vakar usually set up a number of safe houses around their territory for such situations and there was one not too far from his location.  I hope Elder Miroris
:iconslaskia:Slaskia 1 3
Bunch of Grey by Slaskia Bunch of Grey :iconslaskia:Slaskia 7 0 Red tent by Slaskia Red tent :iconslaskia:Slaskia 1 4 Zilathoga V.3 by Slaskia Zilathoga V.3 :iconslaskia:Slaskia 5 3

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So, I want to be able to play ME: Andromada when it comes out next month, but I need to have a Windows 10 OS (I don't have any of the new consoles, nor am I interested in getting them, so PC it is).  I wanted to just do the upgrade, but my computer decided to be one of those that just didn't want to upgrade, so I was forced to do a clean reinstall.  That means I have to reinstall EVERYTHING.  *headdesk*


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